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We don’t just import – we innovate.

At Pacific Lifestyle many of our homeware and decorative lighting ranges are designed and developed by our creative in-house team and meet specific UK quality and design standards.

Each year we carefully research the trends that will influence the home interiors market and pull together mood boards to help build our collections.  We review and compile style direction incorporating colour, textures and fabrics trends.

Please click on the Mood Boards to see some example concepts for our product ranges :




Fresh greens and neutral tones mix with Scandi style for this bright, modern trend. Scandi Earth perfectly combines stylish design with organic charm to craft a cosy yet minimalist feel.

Furniture is highly considered and functional with modern finishes and smooth textures, whilst unfinished, raw materials evoke this trend’s organic charm.

Furs and textured wools bring a comforting, relaxed feel to your home whilst minimal styling helps it remain modern and spacious. The balance of these two contrasting attitudes creates a fresh yet homely atmosphere.

Use basket weave and pale, grainy wood textures with cream and grey tones to create your neutral colour palette.  Compliment these with grassy greens and softer shades to brighten up your space and add a crisp, refreshing mood.

Antique brass and copper highlights can be used to add interest. Arrange these with glossy green house plants and muted succulents to liven up and energise your space.


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Vibrant and energetic, the Kalypso trend is daring and colourful. Let your home tell a story with this season’s boldest trend as you take inspiration from all over the globe to create a tropical paradise.

Wandering palm leaves and opulent, tropical flowers are key imagery within this trend featured on highly adorned designs in bright, clashing tones. These are combined with further decoration as mottled beetles, flamingos and emerald cacti inject additional colour.

Rich textiles are combined with dark, polished wood to create opulent and indulgent furniture, while bright golds and other bold metallics can also be used to bring a touch of glamour to your tropical paradise.

Black is used to highlight and frame with painted accessories still standing out against the bright, tropical backdrop.


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Blush, rose pink and grey make up the setting for Peony this season. Feminine and floral yet modern and glamourous, this trend embodies elegance and style.

Tonal greys and creams fashion a beautifully chic backdrop. Accents of chalky, blush pinks and vintage hues are then added to create a fresh, feminine aura.

Use marble across accessories for a calming, sophisticated mood then harmonise this with highlights of champagne, rose gold and antique silver to add a little more luxury to your home.

Mirrored surfaces enhance the glamour of your space further. These are paired with classic styling and intricate detailing to create a luxe, timeless finish that we can’t help but love.

Matt white painted wooden furniture compliments dramatic chandeliers and jewelled pendants with elegant shaping to form a stunning but welcoming space.


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Function and design come together in the Arterior trend. The utility style features practical engineering and smart design.

Raw materials, unpolished textures and reclaimed wood designs are brought through to create a tough, industrial look. This highly stylish, ever-popular trend gives your home a stripped-back, minimal feel giving the illusion of space and relaxation.

Matte metal and concrete reinforce the back to basics image while more polished surfaces and occasional textiles add a warmer sophistication to this trend’s hard, straightforward style.

Use deep, dark grey tones across the decor in your space with highly considered accents of teal to add a hint of luxury.

There should be a purpose for everything in this industrial styled home and oversized clocks with traditional styling are the perfect statement pieces to put together with your space adding to the functional theme.

Worn, distressed surfaces enhance your space’s industrious spirit but give a used and welcoming look to the interior design.


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West Coast


Channel the California sunshine through your home to capture the West Coast trend. Bright and airy, this trend gives your home a modern feel whilst remaining homely.

Use natural wood as a subtle, pure background for navy and bright blue to create a sophisticated palette. Classic white compliments faded driftwood tones in an airy, spacious environment.

Charming beach inspired artefacts adorn your space whilst the area remains modern with mature and simplified styling. Add candles, lanterns and washed out textiles to extend the light, open feel.

Understated design gives a delicate charm and together with a few bold statement pieces a refreshing yet practical space is formed.

Through refined styling this trend is fresh and contemporary whilst coastal influences evoke a welcoming, comfortable nostalgia.


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Exposed brick walls and well-worn floors house the interiors of our Berlin trend.

Think reclaimed warehouse, barn, or loft; this raw-edged theme celebrates the bare bones of a functional space and takes designs back to basics. Tough, modern and super stylish, this interior scheme transforms your home into the ever-popular industrial trend.

The appeal of such minimalistic design stems from the allure of stripped back style, the illusion of space and an atmosphere of calm, which this theme has an abundance of.

Leave your home functional, its space ordered and let your furniture compose the overall wow-factor. Our collections Mackintosh, Britannia and Eton Collections capture immediate focus and add the ideal impact to your home.

Statement pieces claim the utmost attention on top of this trend’s stripped back canvas. Rich dark tones add a touch of luxury and sophistication and can be added in the form of pendant lighting, wall pieces and the occasional use of textiles.

Steel, distressed surfaces and gritty finishes go hand in hand with this theme and enhance the industrial charm of your home. Dare to add jolts of red and metallic shine for an artful twist of added style.


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Elgin Estate


The art of creating your own log-cabin hideaway lies in the use of natural materials, raw textures and a colour palette that’s rich in organic tones. Inspired by the countryside surroundings of a rustic retreat, our Elgin Estate trend is heavily influenced by the essence of simple country living.

To recreate this interior scheme, free your home’s raw architectural features. Expose bare walls and paint a light backdrop of faint tones to successfully create an airy, outdoor feel.

Let your furniture set the scene. The Amber pine wood of our Denbigh Collection evokes a traditional style, which is ideal for this theme. Likewise, our Clarence Collection is complete with classic designs, in a darker, Weathered Vintage finish.

Decor is centred solely around nature. Relaxed styling is emphasised over highly considered elements, with an aim to create a home that’s lived in and loved.

An easy way to bring the countryside in, is by channelling the outdoors through colour. Add charcoal greys, grassy greens and rich earthy shades within your decorative accessories. Blankets and rugs bring an instantly comforting feel, whilst a mix of worn aesthetics, simple shapes and craft influences add to the overall charm.

The woven baskets within our Bali collection can be used to store those extra books and blankets, or artistically place logs. Light candles and lanterns to further enhance the sense of calm, and add our bronzed glassware, mango wood photo frames and antique metal clocks to give this interior scheme a luxe finish.

Elgin Estate

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Chalky pastels have a timeless freshness that give both a crisp and cosy feel all at once.

This year, Pantone revealed Rose Quartz, (soft pink) as one of their Colours Of The Year, which sparked a new love for this old classic.

Playful and feminine, chalky pink evokes a calming feel, and, if you’re as in love with it as we are, you’ll want to incorporate it into your home.

Finished in Vintage Sand, the mango wood pieces of our Canterbury collection complement these hues beautifully, along with the soft, buttermilk-finished pieces within our Addison Collection.

Although light and airy as an overall look, layers of rich textures, luxurious materials and beautiful detailing enhance the sensual feel of this scheme.

Add a touch of minimalist chic by layering mature greys and neutral tones. A few striking granite shades enhance the energy within this scheme, whilst luxe metallic elements glam it up. Champagne finishes and Rose Gold elements work harmoniously with matte tones.

Add these accents to your décor with our contemporary home accessories and lighting.


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The beauty of nature has always strongly influenced decorative styles. Extended and developed over time, these ever-changing interior schemes are both enjoyable to watch, and to apply. Our Henley theme taps into the new coastal theme of the season, and is inspired by all shapes, colours and textures from the seaside. Wherever you live, this theme will bring your home a coastal apartment feel.

With a minimal approach to interiors, a simple white canvas and a subdued feel of elegance, this theme is easy to achieve. Keep light and space in your mind as the main components, and begin applying this trend with washed floors and stark bare walls.

Create a pure and elemental look, by furnishing your home with the sandy, driftwood tones and classic white furniture within our Brittany, Windermere and Harbrook collections. Their mix of clean lines, soft finishes and worn aesthetics bring modern style; making these pieces the ideal scene setters for this contemporary trend.

Classic blue and white are known for their instant creation of a serene atmosphere. White is associated with luminosity and sunshine, whilst blue holds the promise of bright, sunny horizons. Natural fabrics add subtle tones and textures, which extend the light and breezy feel. As for blues, the new season has brought ultramarine tones, which bring a striking depth and mature feel to your space. Apply these tones by adding our range of deep blue textiles, giant vases and Moroccan bottles.


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Urban Jungle


Celebrate the tropical world; its colours, energy and natural beauty with our Urban Jungle theme.

This popular trend pushes creative boundaries and forms a beautiful interior scheme that’s filled with
globally-influenced style. Decorative elements are rich in textures, detail and pattern; working to bring your home alive with a hint of bohemian style.

This theme encompasses an abundance of interior heaven. Natural wood, travel-inspired elements and unruly indoor plants, give your home an intriguing artfulness and authentic feel.

Mineral tones, daring mustards and botanical greens capture the lush colours of the jungle and make the base to your tropical paradise.

Our Camden Collection takes inspiration from the stripped back Nordic trend, and incorporates a mix of Natural Fir Wood and Stainless Steel, which work perfectly within this scheme. The Natural Paulownia Wood Cubes from our Columbus Collection also make a stylish fit and can be artistically composed within your space.

Add vibrant layers of colourful style and ornate detailing, which can be found within our range of zingy coloured vases, large ornate mirrors and copper lanterns to complete this trend of global glamour.

Urban Jungle

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